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315 Grove Street

jersey city NJ

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About us

In 1976 John and Stella Started a small pizza shop in downtown Jersey City. Back then it was just " momma and pop". "Pop" made the pizzas, and delivered them, and "momma served the customers and answered the phones. Since then the area has changed, but some things have stayed the same. Momma and Pop have since retired. Nick is still there every day, making sure everyone is eating with a smile.  Our look has changed, but our commitment to only using the finest ingredients has stayed the same.


Momma Stella in the kitchen in the 70's                     Momma Stella with Nick and Fanny


                                       The Old Stella's Crew from the 80's

         Momma Training Fanny and

                Pops making Pizza                                      The 90's Generation

                Stella's Today. There is Pop selling ices outside

                           looking in to make sure all is well.